Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Football Lunch

Not a great image - one of the table decorations
A colleague encouraged me to attend a Football Finals lunch.   Not really my scene, but I have to admit that I actually enjoyed it.   There were short interviews with a number of well known figures in the football world (including Messrs Daniher and Walls), and a couple of current players, namely the Grimes brothers.  The interviews were short and snappy, and the MC was very well informed and re-visited various past incidents apparently well-remembered in the football world (and the discussion was interesting even to those such as me who weren't familiar with the details).  Inevitably, some views were expressed about what might occur in the current finals series and there were a number of strongly-expressed opinions about current coaching moves.  There were also some views from John Elliott (I haven't mentioned the venue, but there's a clue!)

A nice red wine (too tempting) and a good steak - consistent with the football theme, I suppose - rounded out the event!

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