Monday, 9 July 2012

The "Special Disease"

I like Bernard Salt.   He writes regularly in the Australian.  He used to be called the demographic writer but I see he's now the "Social Editor".

In a recent article, he referred to "Special Disease".   Here it is:
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Of course special consideration is OK sometimes.....
What is this disease?  Well, it's where I am very special.  And so are you.  And you.  In fact, we're each so special we need to be treated differently.  And sensitively.  We need sensitive treatment, maybe an apology, and certainly a tax break.  Not that a tax break will compensate us, but it will be a recognition that our problem exists.

All this leads to the inevitable question:   if everyone is special, who is doing the work and paying taxes?

The answer is, not too many of us, so it seems!
Bernard developed the point quite well, and drew attention to the related affliction known as "Victim Syndrome".

All this strikes a chord with me as identifying the attitude of many in today's society - and the response that all-too-often comes from our politicians .

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