Friday, 20 July 2012

Number plates

 I notice that recent Victorian number plates are getting into the Zs.

This set me thinking, where next?   Other states have various combinations.

So, in an idle moment, I turned to Wikipedia (where else?)   It's stated there that -
"Soon Victoria will have exhausted all ABC-123 format plates. Two main combinations are under consideration: A12-AAA or V123-ABC (like South Australia's "S" prefix) New colour schemes for the future general series may be the existing blue on white, or black characters on fluorescent orange."
Good grief.... fluorescent orange number plates?    Hopefully good sense will prevail and we'll be spared that!   (Or is it just a joke on Wikipedia...???)


  1. I like the 7 character option - 7 for perfection. Meanwhile the gardening page of A Plus in the Weekend Australian today may give you a sight for sore eyes and another blog topic.

  2. Thanks! I most certainly will have something to say about the article in the Oz.