Monday, 23 July 2012

Is that a choir? No, a "protest"!

I often walk past the Magistrates Court in the city, and have noticed that it is very common for a little group of press photographers and TV camera-people to wait on the footpath outside, no doubt to create a bit of misery for well-known people who have to enter or leave.   I guess they might be freelancers, but I don't know.  It must be boring for them.

The presence of an array of cameras has not been lost on others, I noticed today.  As I was walking down the street, it seemed that a choir was lined up on the court steps.   But, no, it wasn't a choir.  It was a small group of vocal protesters who were performing to the array of cameras (and hardly anyone else, other than a few police)  in much the same way as a choir, going through their chants.   (Edit)  I've now found out that it was the Max Brenner protestors' day in court but the thought certainly occurred to me that, if you have a "message" that you want to deliver, then why not take it to where the media are gathered.

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