Monday, 16 July 2012

Airline rankings

So, Qantas have slipped to number 15 in the ranking of the world's "best" airlines: see
Happily, I don't fly enough to be able to comment as to whether this is justified, one way or the other.   For what it is worth,  my recent experience of Qantas was on two international sectors (as a result of a code-share).  On these, I thought Qantas were satisfactory but not exceptional.  But perhaps air travel these days is never better than "ordinary"?

I thought it was interesting that Garuda are rated ahead of Qantas (at 11th, up from 19).    It is many years since I've flown Garuda, but like others, I was a little surprised at this.  This attracted comment on at least one forum in cyber-space, but there were many comments in defence of Garuda, to the general effect that Garuda these days is very different from the Garuda of days gone by.

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  1. Opinion surveys (whether they be about airlines, 10 greatest songs ever, greatest movies etc) are just that, opinions, and should be given the weight they deserve i.e. very little.