Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Russian bride and Melb PC User Group

What has a Russian bride got to do with a computer user group?  Well, it's like this.....
It started when it occurred to me that I couldn't recall reading the monthly "magazine" (now a CD!) from the PC User Group.  So I checked on the website, and it seems that for once it wasn't my memory at fault:   an issue of the "magazine" hadn't been produced.    One thing led to another, and it does indeed seem that there have been "issues".  I ended up at this site:
This stirred a recollection of having received something (perhaps while we were away) about an upheaval at the group.  However, the suggestion that the treasurer had somehow been trying to send the group's money to his Russian fiancée definitely excites the imagination!
I couldn't resist!  I googled the name of the ex-treasurer, and one of the results led to a sign-in page in that name on:
(EDIT:  After I first posted this, the link stopped working for a while.   It couldn't have been anything I said or did, could it?)

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