Saturday, 28 July 2012


I have occasionally posted on the Eatability restaurant review site ( and so was interested to read that it had been sold for $6 million to Optus:
  This article is behind a paywall, but the free part gives the general idea.

Here's a link to another report on the sale:

 It mentions that the founders work from home!    Although the article in the Australian (which I read in hard copy) stated that Eatability employs about 12 staff, the idea that a work-from-home business  can be worth that sort of money is, well, food-for-thought (no pun intended).  I wonder if Optus have really done their due diligence?   This is a market in which there's lots of competition (such as Urban Spoon and others), and, frankly, I find the Eatability web-site pretty clunky (not helped by their recent attempt to diversify away from restaurants).  
There again, perhaps having regard to the value of Facebook (even after the drop in the price of its shares), prices in cyber-space are measured differently to those in the "real" world.......?

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