Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The railway museum in Canberra

The Australian Railway Historical Society has a large collection of railway equipment on part of what used to be the goods sidings close to Canberra station.  Some of it is yet to be restored (such as a former "Southern Aurora" carriage). However, there's an impressive collection on display and open for inspection. 
I visited the museum when in Canberra.  It's clear that a lot of work has already gone into it.  The items on display include a number of locos and also other equipment such as carriages (including a former buffet car and a sleeping car), a ganger's trolley and more. 

Of course the star attraction is the 60 class Bayer Garratt loco  (number 6029).     I was told that the restoration work on this has reached a stage where the loco will soon be in a position to operate!

However, I found the carriages and rolling stock fascinating, too.  It doesn't seem all that long ago when this was the way we travelled.

The rail motor is operational and I went for a short ride on it.

Driver's view from rail motor

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