Saturday, 1 February 2014

The High Court

At long last, during our recent trip,  I made the obligatory pilgrimage to the High Court in Canberra - or at least, to the building where the court sits.

From the outside, this is a big building, but inside a lot of the space is the atrium.    The guide on duty in one of the courtrooms was honest enough to admit that the colours of the carpets in the various court rooms is very "70s-ish".  My overall impression was that there's a lot of building to support seven people, but I suppose they carry a lot of responsibility so perhaps that justifies their accommodation.

For the record, this is one of the few places in Canberra where there are no restrictions on photography inside (although the Court wasn't sitting when I visited).

Building where the High Court sat in Melbourne before it became based in Canberra - much more modest!

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