Saturday, 8 February 2014


It was 7 February, and SBS was showing "no signal".   I then remembered that somewhere I had read that further changes of the some of the TV channel frequencies was occurring.    In fact, it was an advertisement in the local paper that I had read.  If it had been mentioned on SBS - the channel that, at least so far as we were concerned, was affected - then we'd missed it. [Edit - seems that this is in fact what had occurred, or perhaps we watch at the wrong times.]

The challenge then was to do the retuning.   I scrolled through the menu, and tried "update".   After this had finished, still no SBS (even though I got a report that 7 channels had been found - must see if we really do have anything new).  Only when I set it to "install" was SBS again available.


  1. You're not an avid SBS watcher. I like Borgen and Doomsday and Italy Unpacked to mention just a few- the latter 2 are brilliant examples of history and culture. And I have been bombarded with banner alerts - from the Government I think - to distract me from the excitement of the best TV programming in the world (or my viewing world at least). Retuning with the PVR (my TV is a 10 year old analogue whose engine is now OS) required a consultation of the manual and going through several screen menus- not intuitive, but may never have to do it again. It's not just SBS, but also channel 31 which was still dead after the retune until I discovered it has been demoted to channel 44 but still trades under the name channel 31.

  2. ooops, post edited to reflect above comment!

  3. axh - As a reader of a national newspaper you obviously missed all the articles and adverts about the Retune that appeared in the Age and the Sun.

    abg - Thanks for your program suggestions which have added Doomsday to my viewing list. I notice that SBS are doing repeats of Inspector Montalbo. Is this a lead-in to a new season of the Inspector?.

  4. Montalbano screens in the handy post midnight Friday hours at the moment, 90 mins, not admitted to be repeats, but episodes previously unseen by me. Meanwhile the eponymous Coast will be back at 7.30pm same evening to relieve us from myopic State current affairs offerings on 2. I fear Doomsday is transient- but historic film clips and stills of the junior De Gaulle, and Goering and their comrades were literally awesome. The data is useful to put in counterbalance to the Paul Keating view of early 20th century history (ie that we would have been better off with more menfolk and being a German colony by the time the Depression arrived. I commend that as a plotline for a prequel for Robert Harris' Fatherland). Enough already.