Monday, 17 February 2014


We ventured out to Kangaroo Ground and had a nice lunch at Samsonhill Winery.  If the fact that there's a winery at Kangaroo Ground comes as something of a surprise, then I can say that it was also news to us when we came across it during our research.  But in fact, I think there may be a couple of wineries out there, just a little way past Eltham.

The reviews on Urbanspoon have been mixed, but we were very satisfied with our gnocchi and kangaroo respectively.  The menu perhaps isn't cutting-edge in sophistication, but the dishes were certainly competent.  And the apple and rhubarb tart was great!
The wines (we had three, in total, by the glass) were quite acceptable, too, but we weren't moved to buy any additional bottles to bring home.

You can sit outside or inside.   The only mildly disappointing aspect was the view:  the restaurant is at the top of a hill, and would normally have great views out to the southwest.  However, there was a lot of smoke haze around so while the vineyards close by were pleasant on the eye, the distant view wasn't quite as good as it could have been.    Of course, there wasn't much the restaurant could have done about this!

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