Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Ward meeting

Just before our recent trip, I attended a meeting convened by the Council to enable ratepayers in our ward to ask questions and feedback.
Well, the issues were the familiar ones, especially the usual concerns about planning and traffic.   While the issues are legitimate (and I do identify with them), the bottom line is, these are the things you have to put up with if you live in this area.   And some of the comments lacked credibility:   the block of units being built at the end of my street is too big (the fact that the Council rejected the application but was over-ruled by VCAT seems to have got lost in the telling, and had to be mentioned by the Council officer);   there's too much traffic in my street and I can't get a parking spot outside my house (so, everyone else's car is "traffic", but mine isn't); and I like the fact that the speed limit in my street has been reduced to 40 kph, but could you please move the sign so that it's outside someone else's house (no, I didn't make this up, it really was the gist of one of the comments!)

Then there was the person who complained that part of a park had recently been designated a "dog zone" - seems he was part of a small minority of one, as this issue has received some publicity and the reports were to the effect that there had been overwhelming support for the proposal.

The councillors and officers seemed to take it all in good spirit.  I suspect they've heard it all before!

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