Saturday, 13 April 2013

From China (5)

Saturday 13 April – Wanzhou Fengdu area
The river at this point is still part of the Three Gorges lake, but here it's wider, and although it's hilly on either side, the slopes are less steep. Evidently we're now upstream from the gorges. However, as yet, the pockets of agriculture seem to be relatively small-scale.  

Today has been foggier than previous days. People refer to it as pollution, and perhaps it is to some extent; I really don't know. It doesn't have the brown tinge that I associate with smog.

This afternoon's (included) excursion is to the "City of Ghosts", which is described as a temple area on top of Ming Mountain. Shortly after our return will be the "Captain's Farewell Banquet" and a "Chinese Culture Night". Since we also have to pack up in order to disembark in the morning, I am uncertain of when I will next have access to the internet

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