Saturday, 27 April 2013

Our Kitchen Table

We went for a walk around Central Park, a little way up the road from us, on a recent public holiday, and afterwards looked in at "Our Kitchen Table" for lunch.   It's just over the road from the park, and has a 2 star ranking in "Good Food under $30".

We both had an egg dish.  My omelette had a lot of spinach (as described on the menu), and was good. 

The guide book describes the place as having wooden tables and so on, so that diners are transported to a country kitchen.  Maybe....I'm not too sure....?  

Central Park
On this day, it was certainly busier than I would imagine most "country kitchens" would be, and the service was barely managing to keep up.  In their defence, perhaps they didn't anticipate just how busy things were going to be, although it didn't stop them from applying a 10% public holiday surcharge.  We walked away with no change from $50 (apart from our mains, we had one coffee and one glass of wine).

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