Friday, 26 April 2013

China blog - moved

The postings in this blog about our China trip were made as we went.   I couldn't post images at the time, and a number of the posts didn't go into much detail.  After our return, I started to pad out the entries, but on further thought, I have now copied all the China entries into a separate blog (limited only to our China experience), and have added further images and, in some cases, some greater descriptions.  However, at least for the time being, I've also retained the China entries in this blog, but won't be updating them.

To see the updated blog, here's the link:

You'll notice that it's at Wordpress.   It's been interesting to compare Wordpress with Blogger/Blogspot.  They're fairly similar, and in particular, images don't always end up just where you want them in either of them.   However, as yet I haven't encountered in Wordpress some of the formatting issues (bugs?) that occasionally troubled me at Blogger, so that's a tick in its favour (so far).
I intend to maintain this blog for my non-China broodings.

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