Wednesday, 6 February 2013


The local paper had an article about visiting wineries.    It addressed some issues that on reflection are probably obvious, such as,  you don't have to taste all the wines, nor do you have to drink the whole sample - it's fine to tip out anything that you don't taste.  It also stated that it's OK to ask for a second taste.

What the article didn't address is the touchy subject of, do you have to buy?

We've certainly been to wineries where people - especially tour groups - have arrived, tasted most of the range and left empty handed.  No doubt that's why some wineries have signs stating that tour groups require prior arrangements.    After all, it's hard to stack a couple of dozen bottles under the seat on a mini-bus!

Morris Wines
However,  we find it hard to walk out completely empty-handed, especially if it's a quiet day and you're the only ones present.  Yes, we have done so, but if it's obvious that the wines don't appeal, we consciously try and restrict our sampling in terms of both range and time.

On our recent trip, we put these principles into practice.    We visited All Saints (Wahgunyah) with its lovely grounds and interesting glimpse into the winery and Morris Wines (Rutherglen) with the galvanised iron character of a previous era and a couple of wines that we liked. 

On the way home, we called in at Fowles (Avenel, conveniently located right on the freeway), mostly for the coffee, which we preferred to the wine.

All Saints

All Saints

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