Thursday, 7 February 2013

One country - or not?

Travel interstate reminds us that, even though there are many things that are the same throughout Australia, there are a few - perhaps small - details that vary from state to state.

We can start with the language.    Victorians say "nature strip", but in most other states, it's  "verge".
Then there's the notorious rule about doing a u-turn where the traffic lights give you a right turn arrow.  Quite permissible in Victoria, but (unless expressly permitted) illegal in most other states.  Perhaps it's revenge for Melbourne's "hook" turns?

Another driving related issue is the matter of reversing into on-street angle parking spots.    This is obligatory in certain places, particularly in country towns in NSW.   I haven't quite worked out the criteria for this requirement, because sometimes it's required, in other places it isn't -  at times it seems to vary even in the same street!

Melbourne's revenge on the rest of the country!

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