Thursday, 28 February 2013


A group of us had dinner on a weeknight at Sapore.   The food was really good;  I had the chicken dish (which was on "special"), but the pork belly and veal cotoletta alla Milanese also received favourable comments.  The tiramisu and cheesecake deserts were both terrific!  The service was excellent, being professional but not too pretentious, the room is nice and the prices not unreasonable for what you get (especially having regard to the ratings that this restaurant has - although seemingly down a little recently?)  You can even BYO, but corkage is $15 a bottle.

Only catch is that it's in Fitzroy Street, so parking is something of a "challenge", and for this reason Sapore is likely to remain on our "only in special occasions" list.  Yes, there is a tram stop at the door, and one of the trams that goes down Fitzroy Street also passes the end of our street, but it's a circuitous route and tram frequencies in the evening don't encourage this mode of travel.

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