Friday, 1 February 2013

And so to ..... Corowa ....

We farewelled M and G at the Fairmont after a great couple of days.   We were aware that it would be a long haul from Leura to Yarrawonga, or perhaps Rutherglen, or maybe somewhere else in that general area!    And so it was.   Fortified by some nice food and coffee at "Breakout Cafe" at Cowra and coffee at Wagga Wagga, it was nearly 7 pm by the time we hit Corowa after seeing lots of wheat/sheep country and some towns that I hadn't even heard of.
We were pleasantly surprised to find a stylish cafe at Cowra!
I was all for checking in at the first motel we saw, but Sue said, no, let's find a club so that when we get out of the car, we stay out.   There are quite a few motels (and cabins etc) in Corowa - I lost count of how many - and we went past a lot showing "vacancy" signs.   We even went past a sign to the "Murray View Motel" (a view - what more did we need?)
The golf club's motel units are on the river bank
It turns out that the golf club is at the other end of town to the road we came in on, but we ended up there in an acceptable room on the banks of the river with a great view up and downstream, surrounded by the greenery of the golf course.  I think we may have been the only paying guests (but apparently a group was expected for the weekend).  The bistro had a $20 buffet night, and for $24 we got a very nice bottle of Morris shiraz.     We went through the whole bottle, so it was indeed as well that I only had to find my way across the carpark back to the room.

Pity that the motel units presented an unattractive  view from the Murray!

EDIT:   The only downside was that the internet access out there was slow and dodgy, so I didn't attempt to include images in the original post.  I have now added some.

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