Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Global integration

I went to a presentation to update the staff of the organisation with which I am associated as to the progress being made on merging the hitherto separate firms based in Europe and Australia respectively.
I'm sure it's a massive task and everyone involved is no doubt working hard.  The presentation included a slide identifying a myriad of separate areas in which work was required.

The powerpoint presentation was more-or-less predictable, but I particularly noted (a) the need for 45 of the Australian partners to attend to the annual conference of the European firm which just happens to be in Paris (it's tough but I guess someone has to do it!); and (b) the acknowledgment that conference calls involving people on the other side of the world necessarily involve someone being inconvenienced from a timing perspective, and that the burden in this regard should be split more-or-less equally.

I guess if a degree of even-handedness can be achieved in relation to the timing of phone calls, then there's hope that the outcome on issues that matter might be similar?

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