Saturday, 29 December 2012

Packing up!

Leaving to go on holiday to a rented house is a bit of a hassle! No hard decisions about what to leave out of the suitcase, as you can always squeeze something more in the car. Lots of food, because the local prices are perceived (no doubt correctly) as being expensive plus all the left-over food in the fridge, bottles of the favourite wine because it probably won't be available down there, the extra clothes ('coz you never know what the weather might be), footwear to cover every eventuality, books that I hadn't quite got around to reading... and so it goes on. 

All that food.....!
Although we were warned that the traffic on the Westgate Bridge was going to be bad, there's no viable alternative route for us, so we were stuck in hardly-movng traffic for 20 minutes admiring the non-activity of the “work” (not sure why both directions have to have lane closures when it's obvious that work was only happening on one side at a time). Come to that, why is it that the Westgate Bridge has to have surface renewal every year, when every other highway in the State manages to get by with much less frequent maintenance?

However, eventually we arrived, and it all seems worthwhile after all (even if, or perhaps because, internet access is very slow (if you manage to log on), no matter what network you use).

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