Friday, 21 December 2012

Eating Japanese

There are a number of Japanese restaurants in our area.   One of them is upmarket (and apparently gets good writeups in the foodie guides), but a number of the others are more in the nature of "quick and cheerful".   We recently tried Men-Tei Ramen and it certainly came out tops in the value-for-money stakes.     The service was good and we liked the food, but this has to be taken in the context that that we're not very experienced or adventurous when it comes to Japanese.  

I notice that on Urbanspoon there are a couple of queries about aspects of its authenticity, but I'm not qualified to assess this aspect.    My hunch is that, even if this is so,  it might not be the only restaurant around town offering a particular style that has staff from a different part of the world.  For example, how many Australians are there out there offering "French" cuisine?  In any event, for the price we paid, we're not going to complain!

Upmarket option!

Another Japanese option - downmarket

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