Thursday, 6 December 2012


According to this article, domestic shorthair (that is, non-pedigree) cats are less friendly then pedigree cats:
We can certainly vouch for the fact that our cat Ted  had plenty of "attitude"!

Ted was with us for many years, but has now gone to "pussy-heaven".   He was definitely a domestic shorthair.

In spite of this, it seems that in New York, there's sentiment in favour of alley cats.  I came across this article when looking for something completely unrelated:

Apparently in New York - and elsewhere in the US - the plan is to manage feral cat populations by the "trap-neuter-return" method.  In other words, the feral cats are neutered and then returned so that they can continue to be feral!   I like domestic cats, but I don't think the world needs feral cats.  TNR sounds to me as an emotional response over-riding common sense.

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