Saturday, 1 December 2012

Eating Indian

When we're looking for a casual meal close by, we sometimes eat Indian at Banjara's.  Even though the decor is fairly basic, the service is pretty slick, the food is reliable, the prices are reasonable and it's close enough to walk home after drinking more than we intended from our BYO wine (but we do aim to have some left over to take home).

Actually, last time we were there, Banjara had changed hands, so hopefully they'll be able to maintain the standards.

Alternatively, for a few more dollars, we can go a little up-market (linen napkins and also a linen tablecloth underneath the paper!) at Moti Mahal.   This gets mixed reviews, and I can understand why.  The food is usually good, but the service sometimes comes with a degree of "attitude".   Actually, the main waiter is quite a nice guy underneath it all, but sometimes he conveys a the impression of being a little, shall I say, erratic!

If I have an issue with Indian food, it is that so many of the dishes we get in this country involve brownish "sauces" or  "gravies" (for want of a better word).   I'm no expert on India food, but it does seem that dishes that are described as including vegetables often turn up with the said vegetables smothered in the sauce.  Yes, lots of flavour, but not our concept of vegetables! So it's a personal challenge to get some diversity into our order, for example by making sure that we get something cooked in the tandoor.  And of course we order roti bread to mop up the sauce!

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