Thursday, 27 December 2012

Eating Japanese (2)

There are certainly a number of Japanese restaurants in our neighbourhood, and my earlier post  mentioned only a small number of them.    We ate recently at another - Sozai.  

This is very popular locally, in the mid-range segment of the market and catering for take-away is well as dining in.   You can see the food being prepared in the food preparation area right in the heart of the dining area, and our choices were all good.

We ate there on a warm evening, and were offered a table on the 1st floor (air-conditioner wasn't working, but we were told this).  However, we were fine, and in fact appreciated the fact that we had more space.   However, they don't allow BYO, so we couldn't drink the wine we had with us.   But since it was warm, it was a good night to drink Sapporo beer instead.

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