Wednesday, 28 November 2012


We headed off to Williamstown to catch up with D and D over a pleasant lunch - but when walking down the footpath we almost stumbled into a crew filming parts of a new Underbelly series.   We were politely diverted by a marshal before we interrupted anything!
Later, the crew had moved to a different location, and we again paused to watch.

Although we were on the other side of the street, once again we were politely asked to move (this time, not by a mere marshal but by a person who seemed to be quite significant in the scheme of things) on the basis that our reflections might be seen in the gleaming (but old) cars, and would we please stand in the shade!

 It certainly appears to take quite a team to put these productions together, and there is obviously a lot of attention to detail.

Both the scenes that we witnessed were quite short, but we can reveal that somewhere in the series there will be a scene where a man with a pistol confronts a couple on a footpath in front of some shops, and another where a man makes the acquaintance of his new neighbour from outside the front fence, but warns her that "she hasn't seen anything" after which he gets into his car!   

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