Thursday, 8 November 2012

The US election

  I guess the outcome of the US election is important to us all, but although I watched the results as they emerged for a few minutes,  I didn't regard it as a "must watch" and it didn't hold my interest for very long.    However, it certainly gets a lot of media attention here, and it's interesting that the Australian commentators seem to be across the issues (admittedly this is an impression rather than an informed view).
The Australian focus, perhaps understandably, was on the presidential results.   However, it was also interesting to watch the NBC coverage (on one of the Channel 7 digital channels) which gave quite a bit of airtime to the Congressional Senate and House elections as well.

I would not suggest that the political processes in other countries are of the same significance to us as those in the US, but it does seem to me that the political processes in other countries don't get the attention that, on a scale calibrated by reference to the US, they deserve.    Perhaps the media finds it easier to "tune in" to the US?

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