Friday, 9 November 2012

The PC User Group AGM

I referred to some of the issues confronting Melbourne PC User Group some time ago - see

Since an EGM at about that time, there's been an interim committee.    The AGM occurred this week (out in Moorabbin), and President Charles again held forth (this time, in his report) on the shenanigans which occurred earlier this year.    If the facts are as he states - and I have not seen anything to suggest otherwise - then there certainly were some unsatisfactory events during the reign of the previous committee.    And the Treasurer also spoke in a little detail about an additional matter that had previously only been mentioned in passing.

Judging from a couple of points of order, some members of the previous committee were present, and there were 5  votes against accepting the President's report (which was accepted by a large majority).  A concern was expressed that it could give rise to "legal action" (defamation?)   Certainly, if the President hasn't got his facts right, there would appear to be scope for this (if anyone could be bothered stumping up the money for lawyers).   However, if he really has got his facts right, then based on my extremely limited knowledge of the situation, I wouldn't have thought that there was much risk of legal action.    Not only would discovery be interesting (aren't emails wonderful?) but a closer examination of all the circumstances may give rise to issues such as the prohibition on committee members gaining a pecuniary benefit or advantage at the expense of the association and/or voting on matters in which they have an interest.

However, since President Charles appears to have a committee aligned with his views (and which, as he pointed out, includes a lawyer - which seemed to reassure him (!!)), hopefully the group will move on to address issues such as the declining membership and the deficits which have been recurring for the last few years and eating away at the substantial reserves built up in earlier years.

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