Thursday, 1 November 2012

Internet issues

I turned the computer on …. but no internet!   So I checked the connections (several times), reset and rebooted the modem (several times), re-booted the computer, checked that the home network was OK, yes, the computers could see each other, so presumably the problem wasn’t with the router.    But there was still no internet even when I by-passed the router and hooked the computer up directly to the modem.   Perhaps there was a problem with Optus?  So using my back-up wireless service, I checked the Optus website for any outages (there’s a specific location where these are supposed to be listed).  No mention of any problems.    So then I ran through the cable internet modem troubleshoot checklist (from the Optus website), and got to the end where it says. "Give up!  Call Optus".     

So after over an hour of trying to locate the problem, I tried calling the technical assistance number on the landline.  The landline was dead!    Ahh, since both the landline and the broadband go down the Optus cable, it seemed as though it may have been an Optus problem after all.  I called the technical assistance number on the mobile.   After tracking through several menus each with several options, the recording told me that the call should be answered within 10 minutes.    15 minutes later (it felt longer), still on hold…… So I gave up.    Using the mobile, I tried ringing the neighbour who has a Optus email address – the beeps told me their phone was down as well.   So I walked across the street and all was made clear:   the Optus system had gone down over 3 hours before (the neighbour was on the internet when it happened), and she had managed to call Optus who had no idea when the problem would be fixed.

Of course, my problems with the phone and internet were pretty insignificant when compared with the people in the US who are at the very same time were without power in bitterly cold conditions, and trivial compared with those who had been flooded there.  And perhaps I ought to have checked the landline as soon as I suspected that there might have been an Optus issue.   But I was a little irritated that the outage wasn’t notified on the internet site that exists for this very purpose.   And if there is a problem, why not add a recording on the faults number, or at least be honest to those joining the phone queue as to how long you may have to wait (incurring mobile phone charges).  Better still, of course, would be to gear up the call centre (wherever it might be, but my hunch is that it’s not in Australia) so as to respond to the enquiries in a timely manner.

My irritability settled down a little when I looked up the street a little later, and there they were, flashing lights!    And a friendly guy in his Optus van who confirmed that, yes, there was a fault somewhere nearby – all he had to do is to track it down!  It was nice to see that there was someone actually working on the problem.   But later in the evening, the van and flashing lights were gone – and the phone was working but no internet!     

Next morning I worked through the issues again.  This time, I only did a minimal number of checks before getting on to the help desk - but not including re-booting the computer when directly connected to the modem.  The help desk guy talked me through this, quite nicely.   Apparently a re-boot was needed to encourage the computer to re-find an IP address (don't ask me whether this was due to the outage or something I did trying to fix the problem).    But I had to work out for myself that the router installation had to be re-run so that it, too, had an appropriate IP address.

Given that I have been with Optus for many years, and this is the first outage that has affected me, I don’t suppose I have too much to complain about  --- although I am sure that I could have better used the several hours that this process absorbed.

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  1. A good story from the battlefront! A year or two I had a similar issue but the land line was not entirely gone (half chewed by a rat?). My provider (TPG) immediately verified a Telstra issue by remote checking my line and pinpointed the approximate location of the problem. Telstra admitted the problem and they got their crew on the job. And they only took a week to fix it...