Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween (2)

We were well-stocked with sweets, but in the end, we only just had enough.   I tried to keep track of how many children we had "trick or treating" for Halloween, but lost count - some groups had 6 or 8 children, and at times they were queuing up at the door.  I think we had over 80 children all up.  Does this happen everywhere, I wonder?
One neighbour certainly joined in!

Yes, we invited this by putting a ribbon on the fence, indicating that we were participating.    And the children were, on the whole, polite, although I was a little taken aback by the small boy who offered to swap his smarties for a sour worm.  I went along with this, on the basis that this truly displayed initiative!

There were lots of parents around, sometimes standing at the gate reminding the children to say "thank you" but in a couple of cases also in costume.
Watchful parents

However, I'm afraid that my good intentions about being more generous to the more deserving "trick or treaters" weren't always implemented.  Yes, I tried to be generous to the small children in good costumes, and a little less favourable to the older kids who didn't make much of an effort, but confronted with a group of 8 children at the door, it's not always easy!

Busy street


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