Monday, 18 August 2014

The shade sails

I was a bit surprised, a few weeks back, to see a number of large poles (11, I've been told) appear in the  playground in our local park.  Clearly they are intended to support shade sails.   Oh well, I thought, even though there are probably better uses for ratepayers' money, the park user group has perhaps decided that these are a good idea.    Since I haven't participated in the user group, who was I to complain?

Weeks passed.  Then, a few days back, we were approached by a neighbour in the street.  Would we sign a petition saying that the residents don't want shade sails?   They'd be too big, too intrusive, unnecessary for many months and would collect leaves, and the user group is opposed to them - as are the 70 locals who had already signed the petition.

It was explained to us that although the park user group suggested about 5 years ago that more tree plantings would be nice to provide some shade, no-one had  suggested shade-cloths and the poles were erected without any consultation.  The user group had no idea they were coming, and apparently even least some of the local ward councillors were said to be unaware that they were being erected!

Why am I not surprised to hear that the council bureaucracy appears to be on a mission of its own here?

We signed, and I shall watch developments with interest.

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