Monday, 11 August 2014

Buying a cable....

We all agreed that we needed a longer VGA cable as part of the AV set-up at the Church.
I checked at the local Dick Smith and was surprised that the price was nearly $60, and at Officeworks it was nearly $40.   My initial reaction when I first saw it at Dick Smith was, it's what we need, it's here and I can have it now.    But, for once, I paused......

Back home, and a few mouse clicks later, yes, it was in Mr Smith's on line store, on special for about $12.    But on attempting to place it into my "cart" on the Dick Smith site, lo, the price reverted to the store price.   Seems the one-day special was just ending, so instead of getting hot and bothered, I just moved on and found what we wanted was readily available on e-Bay at prices from $15 upwards.   But there would be a delay while it was mailed, and I don't have Paypal....all too fiddly.

Long story short - I remembered Computers and Parts Land!  It's been a while since I have patronised them, but they're still there and the item was on their website for $12. It did involve a trip to Notting Hill, but I was out and about in the car anyway (and just happened to find a reason to drop into the nearby Bunnings as well), and the instant gratification made up for the time I spent going out that way.

Not the smartest looking retail establishment around and set in a field of warehouses, but as in the past, they've got just about anything you might need and the prices generally seem to be as good as you'll get anywhere.


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  1. A similar experience recently. An item which was $60 at Officeworks was $25 at CPL