Thursday, 23 May 2013

Staying at Yarrawonga

So, why are we at Yarrawonga?    Suffice to say, we're with an ethnic "seniors" group, at the,....errr..., "economy" end of the scale!    We felt it right to support the group, and we came up independently (foregoing the bus trip), so that we can do our "own thing" when the arrangements appear to be turning out to be a little haphazard.   The accommodation, while somewhat "rustic" and a little way out of town,  is warm and the bed is good.   And  a cooked breakfast is included! It has direct access to the lake which the fishermen in the party are making good use of (although not all of them are having a lot of success, apparently).


The internet has been fine most of the time.   However, somewhat unpredictably, it has at times been very slow indeed, presumably because of congestion on the network (the connection itself shows as being strong).  Lack of consistency is the price I pay for using Vodafone wireless broadband, which I'm sure I've commented on previously.   On the other hand, it's economical for a service that I only use when I'm travelling.

Some of the other residents at our accommodation

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