Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Eating Indian at Milan

A group of us had dinner at Milan, in Kew.   This is an Indian restaurant, in Cotham Road, just along from the corner of High Street.   This is the intersection that those of us who knew the area long ago still refer to as "Kew Post Office", even though the post office itself has long since moved.
But I digress.  We started with some samosas and mushrooms, then had a variety of mains, chosen in conjunction with advice from the waiter.   That's the good thing about eating Indian in a group, you can mix the dishes up in terms of styles and types of food.   It was all very satisfactory, even though I didn't take too much notice of just what it was that we had.   And the prices are reasonable, too.  We had a discount card, but even if you don't have one of these, there are "saver deals" on the brochure outside the door that you can pick up as you go in.

The only think to watch for is the parking, as the side streets seem to be permit zones.   However, we had no problems parking in Cotham Road itself, just a little way up from the restaurant.

For the record, we were told that "Milan" means "meeting place" in the language spoken by the restaurant people.  I was going to say, in "Indian", but obviously that's meaningless, hence my inelegant compromise!

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