Saturday, 25 May 2013

Traffic management during tramway works

From the flyer we received in the letterbox, it indeed appeared that there would be massive traffic congestion in the area over the weekend.    In order to renew the tram tracks where they cross over Dandenong Rd in order to go along Wattletree Rd, it seemed that all four outbound lanes of busy Dandenong Rd would be closed.

 VicRoads must have alerted the Age, because it ran a prediction of traffic chaos.

I took a walk past the location late in the morning on Saturday, fully expecting the worst, as this is generally a busy time.   There was lots of activity, but from a traffic perspective, things weren't nearly as bad as I had expected.   One outbound lane of Dandenong Rd was operational (perhaps temporarily?), as well as the lane leading to Wattletree Rd, and it did seem that traffic volumes were less than usual (maybe the publicity had had the desired effect).

Also, there was some localised management, such as additional "no parking" areas (to allow for an extra lane of traffic in one of the nearby roads) and I think the traffic lights had been adjusted to remove the temporarily unnecessary red cycles.

Obviously, works such as this need to occur, but at least on this occasion, it's good to see that some planning has occurred to avoid an unnecessary degree of disruption.

The person with the biggest problem was the lady waiting for the tram, who seemed oblivious to the activity and signs.  Fortunately, a replacement bus arrived.

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