Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Rubbish bins at your desk - and spin

So, the Tax Office is removing individual rubbish bins in its offices.   This is being said by some as being a belt-tightening exercise;  perhaps it is.  However, at the office in which I (sometimes) work, individual rubbish bins at the desk disappeared a long time ago. 

It was portrayed as an environmentally friendly move:   rubbish has to be disposed of into various recycling bins in communal areas.    However, individual boxes in which to place waste paper have been retained, which means the outcome isn't too tough as, in the office environment, a lot of the material that actually goes into the bin is in fact paper.

It seems it's all in the "spin".  Perhaps if the ATO  went on the front foot and told the world that the change it is making was for "environmental" reasons, the reaction would be better.

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