Friday, 25 July 2014


I'm still getting letters and text messages from the bank reminding me that it's "PIN-only" from 1 August (because the banks want it that way).   It's all very annoying - especially the text messages.   ANZ in particular is getting quite agitated that I haven't used the PIN on my ANZ credit card.   They don't seem to have noticed that I haven't used the credit card at all......
Seems to me that the people that the banks need to be talking to are restaurants!    In my albeit limited sample of restaurants over the last few weeks signing is still very much alive!

But what about overseas card holders and other people who don't have a PIN?

I see that the Dementia Institute has taken up the issue and apparently it will be possible to have "sign only" cards.   So maybe things won't be entirely "PIN-only" after all.

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