Monday, 14 July 2014


We're in Ballarat again, primarily to visit the Scottish heritage exhibition at the gallery.  More about that later.   In the meantime, Ballarat in winter hasn't changed much since we used to do it in the May school schooldays.   I guess these days the accommodation is better heated (no complaints there), but outside it's cold, showery and bleak! 

We used to ride the trams out to the Gardens, but the trams ceased running regular services in the 70s although there are some preserved ones out near the botanical gardens.   And although there are a few places around to eat at, Ballarat doesn't have a strong presence in the Good Food Guide.   However, we had dinner at The Lane Restaurant, and were very satisfied.   It's a bit tricky to find, because you have to go through the Lane Cafe in Lydiard Street North, but it was certainly worth looking for.

Railway station (but only buses, no trains, when we visited)

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