Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A new station at Springvale

So, at great cost and amid fanfare, the level crossing has been removed and a new station has opened at Springvale.   I'm sure that this is very nice for the people in the area, although personally the closest I ever get, if I'm driving down that way, is the Westall Rd overpass.   But, there is no such thing as a free project and in addition to our taxes being devoted to this project (not that I'm seriously contending that it isn't worthwhile. even if expensive), the rest of us are also enduring 6 weeks of train cancellations while the train drivers learn to drive through the new station (and, it is true, areas affected by the regional rail works).

 Yes, it's just a train here, and a train there, and the cancellations vary from day to day (seemingly, though, the same trains are cancelled on the same day for each of the 6 weeks), but they do include a number of peak services as well as (on our line) one instance where two trains in a group of 3 won't run.

And although there's been a bit of a splash at our local station about "improvement" works occurring on our line (is there an election coming on?), there's nothing there giving any tangible information, such as telling us which trains are cancelled (or, for that matter, even just alerting us to the fact that cancellations are being scheduled).

I know that trains are different from trucks, but I've never noticed the trucking industry being disrupted for a few weeks when a new road is opened so as to allow for truck driver training!

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