Friday, 18 April 2014

The roof

In addition to the work inside (plastering and painting), we're also having some roof maintenance work done.   It's taken some time to get this arranged (you'll see from this post that it's been on my mind for a while).

Is that harness securely fastened??
I'm not certain where or when we obtained the flyer about the guy who's doing the work, but to cut a long story short, he's Irish and (would you believe?) very persuasive.   At least he arrived when he said he would.  He's told me several times about some small extra things he's attending to, and I try not to divide the amount we've agreed to pay by the product of hours x guys on the job....the resulting hourly rate troubles me a little.

Nor am I in a position to inspect the work actually done, since it's way up there......But at least, he's assured me that things inside the roof area are relatively "clean", with no evidence of possums.  That's a relief to me, because one of my fears has been that the loose pointing may have provided easy access for them.  Hopefully, the roof man has in fact done everything he said he'd do, and any potential possum entrances have been sealed up.

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