Thursday, 22 May 2014

Perth Airport

We returned our hire car at Perth airport.  Yes, I know that Bayswater are the place to hire cars from when in Perth (and I've used them several times in the past), but the convenience of a pick-up and drop-off at the airport was, on this occasion, worth the extra cost.

However, I was aware that a small surcharge applied if you used a credit card.  So, on returning the car, I offered to pay by EFTPOS.   No sir, I was politely informed, the only option other than a credit card is cash.   Accordingly, I offered cash, save that $1 change was required.  Even providing a single $1 in change proved to be somewhat of a problem!    I dug deeply and was able to provide the exact amount, but I was left with the strong impression that the credit card surcharge is usually "optional" in name only!
Lots of flights to mining centres

The other thing I noticed was  the Qantas Club.   It certainly occupies a big area in Perth (there's even an overflow area).    It seems that many of the fly in/fly out workers have Qantas Club memberships!

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