Friday, 16 May 2014

Busselton to Perth via Mandurah

After checking out of the Sebel (our accommodation on the outskirts of Busselton), we had a coffee at the Goose, which is one of several restaurants near the Busselton Jetty. We saw the little train that runs out along the jetty, but the return trip takes about 45 minutes, and presumably you have to add an hour to this if you visit the underwater observatory.
"Train" on Busselton jetty

So after our coffee, we headed in the direction of Perth, stopping for lunch in Mandurah where we had a good view of the dolphin that came into the estuary, presumably enticed by the food provided for it to eat (much splashing and jumping). Anything left over was taken by the pelican!

Our accommodation in Perth is quite centrally located, in Victoria Av. The central location wasn't particularly important, but car parking was, and frankly getting a less-than-exorbitantly priced self-catering studio with parking in Perth took some research. So the central location was a bonus. We took a walk around the CBD area after arriving; yes, things have got a bit busier since our time here, but there are still occasional glimpses of the “big country town” to be had, at least for those of us who are on the lookout for such things (such as, all the shops except the supermarket close promptly at 6 pm).

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