Thursday, 30 January 2014

Beechworth and Milawa

Beechworth is a pleasant town with a gold-mining history and modern day tourist industry, capitalising on its reputation for good food as well as on its history.   

There's lots of accommodation available and although we considered staying at a B&B, we finally decided on a motel close to the centre.    For the record, we were pleased with our choice:   although any motel is just a motel, the room was a just little larger than your average motel room (with a "cathedral" ceiling which added to the feeling of relative spaciousness) and the outlook was on to the leafy elms in the side street.   There was a coffee machine (the type that uses pods) in the room (a bit wasted on us, but a nice note!) and our car windscreen was cleaned.  Importantly, the air-conditioning was effective!

Post Office - still in use
On the first night we ate quite well at one of the hotels, but the second night presented challenges  In fact, we counted four restaurants (all in Good Food Guide, one having two hats) and a micro brewery (also in Good Food Guide) that we might have considered, but one was on a break of several weeks.  

Two of the others and the micro brewery weren't scheduled to open on Wednesdays, and the one remaining restaurant decided to have an unscheduled the night off!   Of the four pubs in town, we ruled two out on the basis that we weren't a local, and of the others, we'd eaten at what we now know was the best pub in town, so we ended up with an adequate but not brilliant dinner at the remaining pub.

Moral of the story:   if you're coming to Beechworth for fine dining, a bit of planning may be required!
Lunch at Brown Bros
We went to Brown Bros at Milawa during the day, and had a very satisfactory casual lunch, followed by coffee at one of the other Milawa "fine food" establishments.

Beechworth historical precinct
Elm lined streets in Beechworth

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